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Professionally designed and thoughtful site, creates a positive image of your company, which is permanently remembered by customers. Therefore, before ordering a website, you need to think carefully: what is it you need? And we will help with this.

Today, if your website has no search engine or at least 3 payment methods, and it is completely static, you can safely say that you were “stuck” in the 90s. Modern web development is, above all, interactivity: a website becomes a kind of web application. A web application on a website is the availability of electronic payments, Internet banking on a web page; corporate communicators, such as mail, calendar, workflow, etc.

Of course, there are situations when creating a turnkey website (that is, releasing a fully operational and sharpened promotion, making a profit or reaching a different goal product) does not have fundamentally significant circumstances to convert a website into a web application. For example, a completely static, may be an informative site. If you provide such a site with embedded videos, pop-up windows, floating annotations, there is a high probability that you will distract the user from perceiving information. In this situation, interactivity will play against you.

Creating a turnkey website, we build on our own experience, market knowledge and user psychology. We can confidently say what will work and what will not. In order to get a working solution for your field of activity, you just need to order a website from our company. We will determine whether interactivity is necessary for your site, or else its need is dictated by your activity. Before ordering a website, you can contact the specialists of our company for a free consultation. After all, the main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the right artist who will professionally create a turnkey website.

As for interactivity, it implies that the user who has come to the site is an active participant: he uses the search, sends the inquiry forms, makes purchases - is in constant interaction with the keyboard and the mouse. The best example of interactivity is a computer game, but that's another story. Therefore, most of the sites are peculiar hybrids with elements in their structure, both interactivity and informativeness. When developing web applications, we use the following technologies: Java, JavaScript, PHP 7, Python, ASP.Net, CSS, Angular 4+, AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery, React, JSON, and others.

To order a website with a convenient adapted interface that works for the result, you can always do it by calling or sending a request on the website.

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